domingo, junio 4, 2023



The Free Press, also known as a Disclosure in Media; is a key to achieving consolidation of an organization, brand or service tool.

Cuarto Poder develop media spaces for you to make disclosure in mass media, in order to generate remembrance and positioning. We use regional, national and international channels, radio, newspaper, television and internet.

We have a team of professionals in integrated communication, able to understand your needs and provide successful solutions.

We make your company news:
• Disclosure means (free press).
• regional, national and international channels.
• Media relations, press conferences and activities.
• Preparation of spokespersons

Strategic planning of effective chains rumor:
• Dissemination of positive ideas about your brand.
• Create impacts of public opinion.
• apply communication models "word of mouth".
• Planning of media and channels "addressed".

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